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04-13-03, 06:23 PM
A damaged air filter will likely cause:

1: Rough idle
2: Incorrect MAF readings
3: Increased wear on cylinder walls
4: Overheating

only one is correct

04-13-03, 08:49 PM
Damaged as in How?

04-13-03, 09:15 PM
Originally posted by Tom73
Damaged as in How?

only conclusion for the type of damage would be that "air is breaching the filter", any restriction to the air filter would not cause any of these symptons.

04-13-03, 09:51 PM
If I understand the questions correctly, the answer is 3.

If the air filter is damaged, dust particles will flow into the combustion chamber and score the cylinder walls.


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04-15-03, 04:48 PM
It seems the majority of us got this one correct. It is #3.
#1 would not be caused by unfiltered air.A restricted filter would cause lack of engine's ability to increase in rpm's. (can't breathe)
#2 the MAF only reads what ever gets past the filter
#4 incorrect air supply will not cause overheating

This also can illustrate how inferior air filtration can cause engine wear. It won't manifest itself until the miles get up over 100-125k maybe more on borderline air filtering systems. Of course no air filter would hasten the wear.