View Full Version : Best Shine and Protection?

03-19-03, 08:27 AM
Which provides the best deep shine and paint protection- a carnauba wax or a polymer polish such as Zaino?

03-19-03, 08:30 AM
I use Eagle One, its carnuba plus they make a spray I don't recall the name but it's for in between waxes. For all you car show homos that is the stuff to use....................................

03-19-03, 11:03 AM
Originally posted by ratdog
For all you car show homos that is the stuff to use....................................

Car show homos? Yuck! :puke I may never go again!

03-19-03, 11:06 AM
;stupid Whats that all about?!!

03-20-03, 10:20 AM
yankees1 - I think that the answer to your question will be highly subjective; you'll probably receive as many answers as there are products available. Everyone likes to think that their particular system/method is the best, that is produces the best shine, the most reflectivity, the greatest amount of depth, etc., etc.,

The truth is that all of those qualities (shine, reflectivity, depth, warmth, etc.) are very subjective. Someone may say "Check out the shine on my car, isn't that great?" You may not think so, but they sure do.

I think the bottom line is a bit of experimentation. You know the "look" that you are after and only you will know when you have reached that point of perfection. There are many car care lines available today and even a combination of products from various lines may suit your needs.

Generally speaking, a synthetic provides reflectivity, while a "pure" wax provides depth. Personally I prefer to use both in conjunction with one another. 5 base layers of Klasse Sealant Glaze topped by countless layers of Pinnacle Souveran Paste wax.

I'd suggest you listen to what others' have to say, and then experiment to find what suits your needs and personal taste. :v