View Full Version : Cleaning black exhaust tips!!

03-16-03, 10:36 AM

Today, l'm going to take a drive to the beach with my wife and my dog and then clean my vette when l get home.

The question is on the 96LT1 black exhaust tips, what is the best way to clean them and then dress them up.

l will not use amourall on any of my cars.



03-18-03, 12:50 PM
The factory tips are painted (could even be powder coated), but it's not really like the base coat/clear coat that is on the car itself. In the past, in order to spruce up the tips and mufflers, I have masked off the areas not intended for paint and scuffed and used Prep-Sol to clean. I have then applied Krylon BBQ paint as this can withstand very high temps. (I think 1,200 degrees).

I've not treated the tips like regular paint (using a polish or wax). The above method will make then look new and fresh again.