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03-09-03, 12:33 AM
I've had so many opinions on which way the rotors should be installed on the vehicle that my head is spinning. :crazy

I upgraded my front rotors and calipers to the Baer Track system a while back, a job performed by Dick Guldstrand's shop in Burbank. At the same time I had them order and install new slotted rear rotors to match the new front rotors.

As the front rotor were being installed, Dan, the mechanic, and Dave, the shop manager both went over the installation instructions from Baer in my presence. I remember Dave also commenting on the rear rotors being mis-stamped with the "L" for left and "R" for right.

I had them all off last week to install longer wheel studs and when I reinstalled the rotors I thought I had them installed the same as when I removed them, with the rears being installed on the opposite side to their respective markings, and the fronts as they came off, with the bottom of the leading edge of the slot towards the front of the car as pictured here:



Upon torqueing one of the bolts I snapped it off, which was an easy fix, luckily for me. However, when I went to double-check the torque specs for that bolt, I discovered a discrepancy on the instruction sheet where they depicted the correct position for the rotors on the hub. One sketch shows the top of the leading edge of the slot facing the front of the rotor, with the internal vanes of the rotor venting towards the rear of the rotor. On the next page though, it appears as if Baer may have the captions for the photographs of the rotors swapped for those depicting the spindles for 84-86, and those for the 1987 spindles.

To cap it off, I have four or five differing opinions from mechanics on the block. Go figure! ;LOL

I have faith in you people here that you will be able to set me straight before I have to go back in there Monday morning and deal with the issue again; it's sitting there waiting for me. :L
Are they installed correctly as pictured?

Should they be installed with the slots in the opposite direction?

Should the front rotors be reversed and installed as depicted in the instruction sheet, and the rears installed as the lettering "L" and "R" on them indicate? (Which would put them in conflict with the direction of the front Baer rotors.)

The internal vanes on the rear rotors, by the way, are non-directional, that is, they vent directly outwards from or perpendicular to the rotor's center.


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03-09-03, 12:53 AM
Never mind, I found my answer; I've got 'em on backwards! :o

But then, I can't really remember how they came off. :L

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03-09-03, 12:43 PM
We are all happy that you could help yourself!! That was an interesting conversation, with yourself! On the serious side, what made you figure it out?

Never mind, I found my answer; I've got 'em on backwards!

03-09-03, 05:09 PM
Research Steve, lots o' research! :L

Actually, there are very few of the slotted brake manufacturers that are very clear with their instructions. Brembo (http://hp.brembo.com/pdf/Disc_Direction.pdf) was the one that finally answered my question in the most direct manner. :upthumbs

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03-09-03, 05:21 PM
Having never worked with this type of rotor, I wasn't aware that there was a directional concern. Thanks for the lesson!

03-09-03, 05:31 PM
Just in case anybody is interested but didn't go into the site any further than the diagram the link above takes you; if the vanes inside the rotor are directional they should flow rearwards, but if the vanes are non-diectional it makes no difference how they are installed. ;)

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