View Full Version : Transport recommendation

02-27-03, 09:44 AM
I may need to transport a car across the state. Can anyone give me a recommendation? Thanks.

02-27-03, 10:20 AM
Are you doing it yourself or hiring it out? If you do it yourself, just rent a U-haul truck and a flatbed. I drove mine to get blasted like that, worked wonderfully. If you are hiring out, make sure you SEE the full coverage for insurance. I know a girl had her ZR-1 dropped off the back of a transport...wasn't pretty.

02-27-03, 10:37 AM
When I had my car shipped from Florida to Pennsylvania I used a company called Reliable Auto Shippers (i am pretty sure thats the name). Keep in mind this was for a car I bought sight unseen and wasn't sure of the condition so I wanted to make sure I had a good company. They are expensive, I think I paid over 800$ for the trip, but they have good insurance and covered trucks.