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02-17-03, 07:16 PM
I installed a cruise from Dakota Digitol,Man is it nice for a vette,NO VACUMN! It is all electric and the VSS hook's where my old transducer went. It is made by Rostra I beleive but not sure if they make everything that goes with it,doesn't matter it work's wonderful and the stainless cable really look's nice.58.00 extra but it goes on my vette. I also put a torque converter lock up kit from Painless wiring and it definitly lock's the converter better now.I am not sure if you need to put the converter lock up because of the vss being bypassed but you can probably wire stock one in,I didnt because I needed a lockup just had to tell people about a good experience with auto part's.

02-17-03, 07:56 PM
I have installed several of their parts in a few cars and been 100% happy with them all.