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02-08-03, 09:39 PM
Then I get this in the mail...
What Do They Say, You Want to Play, Ya Gotta Pay.
I Modified my 2002 Roadster, first with Jakes of Corvette Concepts performance package,which included his Delco/Mongoose 400ss Performance Package, with Ram Air Induction, Then added Stage 2 Heads (Ported & Polished, Bigger Valves, Hd Springs, Titanium Caps) hotter Cam by Morgan Motorsports, TPIS Long Tube Headers with Bassani X Pipe & Corsas exhaust.. Boy, it sure sounded good, ran good, and as a daily driver, put in 26,000 miles with no trouble.. Then last Saturday, I pulled into the grocery store for a lottery ticket, came out & started my baby and was serenaded with a horrendous banging noise, coughing, sputtering etc. My heart went to my knees. NO, NO, NO donít hurt baby !

Chevy roadside service had a truck to me within 25 minutes and this kid KNEW what he was doing. Up on the truck with a couple of 4x4ís to make the angle, no scratches, no bangs, easy as pie. So far, so good. Late Saturday afternoon, my local Chevy dealer sez, take a couple of aspirins and Iíll call you Monday morning. Oh sugar !!. I could tell it was upper engine problem, rocker, valve, valve spring, oh yeal...gotta be something bad like that.
So my friendly dealer calls me Monday morning.

Yep ! Valve spring broke on the #7 hole, Computer sez there was a misfire at 5900 RPM. Hell, I was sitting in a parking lot. What do you mean 5900 RPM. Must have cracked the spring earlier and then it finally gave away. Broken spring, bent valve, chunk out of the head, cracked piston. AND of course no factory warrantee, since I modified the insides. Hib is right on the money. PLAY with it stock, or be willing to pay the piper.

Okay... hears the story. Replace the piston, replace the heads, (buy 1
side, it wonít match the other side, unless u go after market (AGAIN) &
then you still should do a valve job ect.,
OR, tell ya what I can do.... I gotta brand new, complete in the box,
straight from Chey HI Performance, LS6 engine. How would you like to
re-start life as a ZO6 Convertible. ??? Now you can go and still have
full factory warrantee. All the bolt on goodies, engine dress up stuff will just bolt right on. You can have it back in ď 1Ē day. Oh hell, I didnít want to leave anything in my sons inheritance any way. I made mine, and I paid for his college & law school, he can go chase ambulances or get into politics or something and make his. Okay, where is the checkbook ?

Picked it up Tuesday night. WOW... I think its gonna be as strong or stronger as my Cammed LS1. Purrs like a kitten, doesnít have the HOTROD lope at idle the LS1 had. Trying to break it in right, so trying to keep my foot out of it....buts its so hard.

Gonna treat it right, gonna keep it stock, gonna...... Hey Hib, what will a head job without the hotrod cam do for the LS6 ?? Wonder how much is left in the kids trust account ??... wonder if.......

and the beat gos on !

As the gentleman stated, "You Want to Play, Ya Gotta Pay." ;)

_ken :w

02-08-03, 09:43 PM
Eeeeek.... I don't like posts like this anymore. :D:(

warren s
02-08-03, 10:56 PM
When I was kid, all the hot rod guys from Crossbay Blvd used to buy parts from a store in Brooklyn, there was a sign that must have been about 2 feet high and 3 feet wide on the wall and it said SPEED COSTS MONEY, HOW FAST DO YOU WANT TO GO?

Truer words were never spoken!