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02-06-03, 10:40 AM
in most cases the factory marks on the timing gear set will allow you to install and run the cam with little or no problem BUT KEEP IN MIND everyone makes mistakes INCLUDEING THE GUYS MAKING CAMS AND TIMING GEAR SETS and if your like me , for several years I installed cams at the factory marked setup points and only occasionally had engines not run quite as well as I thought they should.
we let me say this , since I started checking things carefully with a dial indicator I find just how sloppy the manufacturers tollerances are and that engines are fairly tollerant of running cams that are ground a few degrees off what the spec card SAYS the SPECS are. if your one of the millions of guys that can,t really tell if your running 375hp or 395hp but just want to burn a little tire smoke , don,t worry about it too much but if your one of the guys that wants EVERY LAST HP AVAILABLE than take the time to do it correctly, but be prepared for a shock at just how loose some manufacturers are at matching the cam to the posted specs.

degreeing in your own cam after buying the tools listed below is a great idea because

[b](1) youll learn a great deal about your engine doing it!

(2)even with the cost of the tool kit depreciated over only a single engine build-up, it will still cost less than most shops charge to do it for you CORRECTLY and over several engine builds its a total no-brainer that your way ahead cost wise

(3) you can get the purchase price of the tools back over very little time charging a minimal fee to check/install cams CORRECTLY

(4) youll prevent lots of major problems by checking and finding manufacturing errors and assembly screw-ups and a single manufacturing mistake not caught in time before starting your engine can easily cost you a whole engine

(5) the dial indicator and base can be used to check other engine clearances

(6) the kit comes with a video tape instructions, all the tools, degree wheel, dial indicator ETC.

tool kit (http://www.jegs.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=3292&prmenbr=361)


heres just the video if you have the tools already



or if you want written instructions
BTW I have both of these degree wheel, the larger 18" moroso wheel is great with the engine on an engine stand but the smaller size is mandatory IN an ENGINE COMPARTMENT



good info to know