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02-03-03, 08:42 PM
Sorry if I'm in the wrong place.

My 94 coupe gets hot inside the car because of the top. I covered it with a mat from Ecklers but after breaking my 3rd top, I wanted to see out. I went to have the top tinted but the folks said it would ruin the acrylic.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



jim coulter
02-03-03, 09:20 PM
Not sure about a 94, but my 84 gets hot out in the sun all day while I'm at work. I thought about getting that reflective material for the window and cutting and sewing it to fit the top (and hatchback in my case-it lets in the most heat on mine) I was going to attach a couple of small pieces of velcro to the glass with silicone(can remove it if I want) That way when I'm out of the car I can put it up on the top and hatchback, but remove it when I get in to drive. Of course if yours is hot "while" your driving then that wouldn't work for yours.;shrug I'm sure others will be along with something they have tried. Good luck:)