View Full Version : No Convertible?

02-03-03, 03:40 PM
I was wondering why there is no vert ZR-1 or Z06... they offer performance, but no vert... If its because of price i know i would save up the extra cash to get the vert form of them!

I saw the picture of the prototype ZR-1 vert and it was trashed. was that because the vert form was unstable? or did someone just destroy it?

Maby i should add a poll in here... would you guys save up the extra cash to get a ZR-1 or Z06 in convertible form?

02-03-03, 03:50 PM

Regarding the ZR-1, the ragtop C4s have too much flex so the handling would have been greatly diminished. As for the Z06, C5s are all pretty tight and maybe someday GM will take the lead from this company. (http://www.caravaggiocorvettes.com/next.htm) I think you will like that link;).

02-03-03, 04:19 PM
It is also a wieght thing. Drop tops wiegh more to make them stiffer. A Z 06 is high performance and the little coupe top was the lightest and strongest way to go.

02-03-03, 09:12 PM
that site rules! they could make vert Z06 and C-5's that look like a GS. thier best ZR-1 motor costs like 26k though! too bad we dont have the technology to make a vert ZR-1 though... but maby one day like 5 years from now it will be possible... probally would cost alot... the Z06 convertable costs more than 12k!

02-04-03, 05:04 PM
with the large ammount of 6 votes :L, and 100% of them would pay more for the convertible, i think its safe to say we all would pay more for a convertible version, or at least those of us who like convertibles.