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02-02-03, 05:16 PM
I was just looking at some specs on my L48 block and this is what it has for torque:

280 ft.lb. @ 2400 rpm

Isn't that pretty decent? I mean, of course there are engines with a lot higher torque than this block, but my torque is pretty low-end, right? At 2400 RPM, it reaches its torque max and that's pretty good, rigth? Somebody like me, who isn't going to race the Corvette, is looking for low-end torque because I get the max at a lower RPM than opposed to high-end torque racers, correct?

I was just verifying my understanding of low-end torque. :D By the way, the L82 block in a '78 has a max of 260 ft.lb. @ 3600 rpm. So the L48 has more torque and at a lower end. So, as far as torque goes, the L48 is more power? :D ;)

Even the horsepower is pretty low-end, too. It's 185bhp @ 4000 rpm.

Thanks! :D


02-02-03, 06:47 PM
The L-48 peak torque occurs at lower rpm than on the L-82, which makes it more flexible in normal driving; it produces more torque than the L-82, and in a more usable range. The L-82 produces more power due to different cam, cylinder heads, intake manifold, and carburetor, but it gives up some low-end torque to the L-48 in order to do that.

02-02-03, 10:47 PM
I see, John. But, logically, wouldn't you rather the torque than the horsepower? After all, torque is power. :D I see what you mean about the sacraficing torque in the L82 for the horsepower, though.

Thanks, John! :D


02-03-03, 09:20 PM
Torque is what plants you back in the seat, and is more important than pure horsepower in a normal street engine; the object is to have the widest possible rpm band with the highest torque - called "torque bandwidth" - for a flexible street engine that doesn't have to be "wound to the moon" to make power.

"Torque Bandwidth" is the key to the performance of the Viper; it not only has 530 lb-ft. of peak torque, but it has 80% of that peak torque (over 400 lb-ft.) at only 1600 rpm. Doesn't matter much what gear you're in - put your foot down, and it pulls like a freight train. :D

02-03-03, 09:49 PM
That's the way I see it, John. So as far as power goes, the L48 is the way to go! :D :Steer