View Full Version : To shield or not to shield?

01-27-03, 12:48 PM
I have an 88 Nassau Blue Cp with the Greenwood pkg.
The car has saw blade rims I believe from a 93ish.

I have the drilled rotors up front and stock in the rear.

The car came with dust shields on all 4 rims.
The car had a flat on Sat (I am a poet) so I took the one shield off.
Before removing all of them I was gonna get a little group check
on everyones thoughts. I am leaning toward removing all as I would rather just clean the wheels a little more often.

Thanks all

01-27-03, 12:53 PM
Take'm Off & Clean a little more:cool

Tom Bryant
01-27-03, 01:04 PM
The dust shields may help keep the wheels clean but it seems that they would hinder brake cooling. I think I would rather see the drilled rotors.

01-29-03, 07:51 AM
Thanks. Thats what I thought. Off they come.