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01-23-03, 02:28 PM
Has anyone used Classic Car Insurance companies such as Grundy, Haggerty etc. Any thought or feedback. I saw last night on TV that Grundy did not limit you on miles per year.

01-23-03, 02:38 PM
I am a customer of Grundy. There is no limit on miles per year but they do have quite a few other restrictions. This is not the right coverage for everyone but for how I use my car I feel comfortable with the policy.

If I remember correctly there is quite a bit of information available through their website http://www.grundy.com/. You can also obtain a quote online. They offer agreed value coverage so your premium is based on the dollar amount you request.

I hope this is helpful.

01-23-03, 02:46 PM
Thanks JRMaroon, I did get their online quote and it was only about $30.00 higher than the insurance I have now, also I am only allowed 2500 miles on my present insurance.

01-23-03, 02:48 PM
I'm using Robinson&Sneed or is it Sneed and Robinson;shrug In any case, no mileage restrictions about $250 a year with $250 deductable and agreed replacement value. I wish I had them on all my cars but for now only the 82. They are not as strict with requirements either.


01-23-03, 03:03 PM
Grundy quoted $170 with @250 deductable. There may be a difference in the value of the cars. I only valued mine (1982) at $10.000 because I am still reworking mine. I will have to renew in March. I will check both of these companies out. I don't like the 2500 mile limit I bought mine to enjoy and drive, even though it is not a daily driver.

01-23-03, 04:42 PM
Classic car insurance is for collector cars not for drivers. Please, if you drive it on a semi-regular basis, go with standard insurance and don't ruin it for the rest of us. :)

That being said....if you have a collector/classic then this insurance can be great. I have three cars with Hagerty. Without this insurance I could not afford to keep the cars. There are restrictions such as no driving to work, must be stored in a locked garage, driver must have at least 10 years driving experence, etc. They do not limit milage. They will ask how many miles you will be driving. If the milage stated is too high they may question it or deny the insurance. They never ask for the milage on the car so no way to check there.

So if you have a collector or show car that is seldom driven then this may be for you. But if it is a semi driver then go with standard insurance.


01-24-03, 08:22 AM
I don't drive the 82 that much. Most of my driving consist of "crusing" on Weekends. Right now my insurance will have to be renewed in March and I am pretty close to the 2500 mile mark. That may seem like a lot but you look back and see where it never left the garage for weeks at a time. I checked with Haggerty and because it was a 82 (not old enough) and not fully restored they couldn't insure it. Thanks

01-24-03, 02:40 PM
I requested a quote from Haggerty again. There price was $177 vs Grundy $170.00. Same deductables.

01-25-03, 01:13 AM
Originally posted by 82RL
I requested a quote from Haggerty again. There price was $177 vs Grundy $170.00. Same deductables.
Basiclly the same :) so would depend upon the restrictions each have.