View Full Version : dumb question about guide plates

01-18-03, 12:54 AM
Ok, im trying to install my guide plates but nowhere do i see how to correct the gap that is created my putting in the plates? there is a gap between the rocker arm and the pushrod/valve....... do u have to get bigger pushrods? if so, what size?

01-18-03, 08:02 PM
You can't just "bolt in" guide plates - you have to have the stud bosses machined down to compensate for the thickness of the guide plates and to maintain the rocker arm geometry, and drilled & tapped to accept the hex-based screw-in rocker studs that bolt the plates down in place. Once that's done and the heads are reassembled, you'll need new hardened pushrods to go with the plates; using stock non-hardened pushrods with guide plates will destroy the pushrods.

01-18-03, 08:12 PM
thats what i was afraid of...... i am using crane energizer pushrods now....... i guess ill just got without the guides....