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01-09-03, 12:33 PM
I have read the supercharge vs turbocharge thread. What about the chip reprogramming? In fact, what can I do to increase 0-60mph time and not spend a fortune? Forgive me if this question reads silly, I am new to Corvette.

One other question. I have found people who claim to be able to increase the HP by simply decreasing the friction in the engine. Some sort of metalloceramics technology, i believe. Could this be real?

Turning my Vette into a low-flying jet is not my purpose, but I would like to fine-tune the engine and get 20-30% more power.
This one is fun, but it's way too expencive... http://www.lingenfelter.com/pac725ttls1y.asp

Thanks and best to y'all.
Andrew aka Russian

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01-10-03, 01:26 AM
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while i don't have a C-5 i would think if you just want faster 0-60 times to just replace the rear end gears.

01-10-03, 05:26 AM
I think you will have fun first installing new exhaust, headers, and a better free flowing intake/air cleaner assembly. If the engine can breath better, it will make more power, and the better exhaust will make it sound better while doing it.

Super high dollar engine builders focus on minor details at every aspect of the engine to reduce rotating mass and friction. It works especially well when done right at high RPMS. Just putting a low friction oil additive is not going to make that much difference in street driving.

01-10-03, 02:59 PM

i agree with 69myway go with a few bolt on's like he says. it will really open up that LS-1 motor of yours!

btw my russian is very limited but my g/f is from st petersburg :)