View Full Version : Opinions on roler rockers and retro rolelrs

01-08-03, 09:38 AM
I am looking at vertical retro rollers and roller rockers for my 406 build up. I do not plan on making HP or spinning past 6000RPM with my MiniRam. I have read where the rollers can come apart etc,

1. Is there a more reliable brand for each of the components?

FYI, my intake will be a miniram which breaths at 4000-6500 RPM until the Stealth hood clearance issue is worked out and then I will swap. My bottom end is cast crank & Hyper pistons w/5140 rods.

Please bear with me on these questions, I have read in Vette Magazine April 02 edition that on a mild 383 the 1.5:2 roller rockers alone made a best of 8-Hp and 17-Lb/Tq more than stock components. I am sure the cam can add some HP/TQ too

01-16-03, 11:26 AM
Comp Cams has VERY good roller rockers & roller lifters (including retrofit roller lifters).

Their Pro Magnum full roller rockers are made of chrome moly steel.

Their Hi-Tech full roller rockers are made of stainless steel.

They have several grades of retrofit roller lifters.

Any/all of the above are quite pricey ... without checking I'd estimate starting at $750 for roller cam, roller lifters, FULL roller rockers from Comp.

As you've already noted ... HP & TQ increases are not so great. It sounds as though your desired performance target is fairly conservative. IMHO ... with all that in mind ... it sounds to me that kinda money may be overkill here.

I suggest a good dual-pattern hydraulic flat tappet cam matched to your combo-target and a set of Comp's Magnum Roller TIP rockers. Do match the valve springs to the cam.

BTW, for really neat but little known cams etc ... try CamCraft in Easton MD. Charles Reichard at (800) 426-2261 or www.camcraftcams.com