View Full Version : Compare Pics of Vortech's S/YS Trim Blowers

12-26-02, 08:05 PM
I didn't know where to post this (no power adder section), but I thought somepeople would want to physically see the differences between the regular Vortech S trim and the YS trim blower right before I put it on. It was at night, so the pics weren't the best:


Big Pic Here (http://members.sigecom.net/Lorenz/5.0/s-ys1.jpg)


Big Pic Here (http://members.sigecom.net/Lorenz/5.0/s-ys5.jpg)

You can go to Vortech's web site for the technical differences, but basically the YS is a much bigger blower and can handle higher boost levels with cog pulleys. Something to consider if you are maxing out your S trim.......

bill mcdonald
12-31-02, 04:14 AM
Does the YS trim bolt on to teh same bracket as the S trim? Or is the YS trim a lot bigger?

01-01-03, 01:06 PM
I can't speak for a Vette install, but the YS basically bolted the same bracketry as my former S trim, except the fact that it was 'clearenced' for the bigger housing. You can see in the pic what had to be done with the long blue line, and the rest of the drawings is modifications that had to be done to the existing brackets so it would sit in the same spot with a taller deck 351, which is being dropped in this winter.