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12-23-02, 03:04 PM
If you've never been to the National Corvette Museum, you will be amazed when you go for the first time and see the enormous walk away leading up to the entrance.

It is lined with bricks purchased by enthusiasts and Corvette clubs throughout the world.

This exciting program provides enthusiasts with an engraved brick located in the Corvette Plaza walkway leading directly to the Museum entrance. Given the choice of three sizes (either 4" X 8" or 12" X 12" or the new 24" X 24"), this special gift will allow the Corvette admirer and enthusiast the ability to afford proper recognition to a friend, club, loved one, business or themselves!

For more information: http://www.corvettemuseum.com/brick/index.shtml

01-30-04, 12:07 AM
Good info Rob!

Btw, NCM members receive a discount when they purchase their bricks. :)

To become an NCM member simply call them at 1-800-53-VETTE, and tell them "Zippy sent me." :w

01-30-04, 12:13 PM
My brother and I purchased a brick a few years ago . It's right near the main door , just a little left and out a few feet . Cliff

01-30-04, 12:59 PM
During the 1982 SharkFest we had our Registry Brick put in place. So if you make the trip to BG NCM check out the sidewalk at #8 which is about 1/2 way back down the driveway into the Museum.
At the time we bought our brick the Registry was at about 400 members, today we are closing in on 700 "Documented 1981 Corvettes" :beer


07-11-05, 04:43 PM
Rob, How's our brick fund doing? Are we going for the 12x12 or the 24x24 and do you think it'll be ready for next June if we go back? My Dad's Corvette Club is going down in August and will dedicate a brick to a member of the club that recently passed away. Thought that was pretty cool. :)

Paul T
07-11-05, 05:11 PM
Rob, thanks for advertising this important fund raising program for the NCM. From just a dream 16 years ago to the now financially stable and growing museum we now have, it will take continued support from members and new members to ensure that our dream stays alive and thriving. If you haven't seen the NCM, make plans now for your summer vaction.

02-16-06, 11:38 PM
Just got a C-6 logo brick and I am a lifetime museum member.

01-03-08, 08:22 AM
We have a brick down there as well, Theresa & I go several times a year as we head that way to Georgia to visit my mom.

09-30-08, 06:16 PM
hey guys keep up the good work with those bricks. I have two small bricks,one of the new octagon bricks for the new addition,a brick for the Historic Motorama II and started the 2 x 2 Big Blocks at the NCM in 1996. With our help the NCM will continue the tradtion of a meeting place for us and future Corvetters.
Mike Schiavone
NCM Lifetime # 330
Historic Motorama II Participant

11-11-08, 07:21 AM
I also have a brick at the NCM. I have never seen that as I am leaving in Hungary, Europe, but I really like it! :thumb

12-10-08, 06:01 PM
We've got three bricks.

Check out the Museum expansion by going to the NCM webcams, www.corvettemuseum.com (http://www.corvettemuseum.com) One webcam shows the outside view, and another the inside. Pretty cool!

12-10-08, 08:50 PM
I'm in the ambassador section, "R8C Z06". The 15th Anniversary and Grand Re-opening should be a lot of fun this upcoming Labor Day! :thumb

12-11-08, 01:10 AM
Can one have too many bricks? We now have 7 with one in the museum expansion, the ambassador section, club section, individual, etc.