View Full Version : U-joint Strap Bolts

05-05-01, 06:38 PM
Been trying to get the '81 into shape for the trip to BG. Searched 2 parts houses and my tool box for the correct socket to loosen the u-joint cap bolts. It's 12 point, what size? and where in the world do I find one?:confused

05-05-01, 11:38 PM
Dale, If it is a 4sp try a 12 point 5/16, if it is an automatic try a 12 point 1/4. Yea, I know I'm useing SAE sizes, but they fit. Make sure you drive them onto the bolt to make sure they are seated all the way, also, you might try spaying a little "WD" on them before you start crank'n on 'em.............Steve

Tom Bryant
05-06-01, 02:08 AM

Sears has 12 point sockets.


05-06-01, 10:42 AM

Call Art from Van Steel, he gave me enough 6 point bolts to use on the driveshaft and half shafts. They are way easier to get in and you don't have to worry about stripping the heads like the 12 point ones. They are also now making heavy duty U-joint caps to replace the crummy stamped ones, in a few weeks I'm going up there so he can install them for another tech article. Stay tuned!