View Full Version : I just got CCW Drag Setup for my C5

12-08-02, 09:39 PM
Can't wait to get to the track with these


12-08-02, 09:46 PM
:J :J :J

_ken :w

12-09-02, 06:48 PM
edgar they are sweet,cant wait to see it run at the first challenge in 03

12-10-02, 09:05 PM
Redgar, what size are the fronts? Are they drag fronts?

I'm having the damndest time finding somthing in a 17-inch for my front set-up. The only wheel that'll clear the caliper is going to be a 17-inch wheel, which is what I figured. The problem is the wheels are 8-inches wide, and I can't find 17-inch drag front runners that will fit that rim width. Hell, I can't find any drag front tires in a 17-inch period! :hb

I can find a 225/55/Y17R from Michelin (among other manufacturers) that will fit an 8-inch rim. They, however, weigh in at around thirty pounds, versus about fifteen pounds each for the drag front tires. :eyerole Got any ideas? :confused

_ken :w

12-10-02, 11:31 PM
Ken I am out of town now so I cannot double check.

The fronts at 16" by 5". I have not put them on but from what I understand is that the fronts don't reach the calipers so they are not a problem.

The are not front runner drag tires, those are too skinny.

What they are is a regular bias ply tire to match the bias ply et streets. When you mix types the car tends to sway over 100 MPH.

By the way most et front drags are treaded.

12-10-02, 11:40 PM
Yeah, I'm aware of what's available and the differences between 'em. Evidently, the calipers on the C5 Corvette are smaller than the Baer Track calipers; I can't get anything but a 17-incher on there and even at that it's close--we had to take a grinder to a few high spots on the caliper. :eek

You have 13-inch rotors, right?

_ken :w

12-11-02, 01:02 AM
Ahh yes I missed that you don't have stock brakes.

yes I have the stock brake system and rotors