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12-08-02, 08:02 PM
From Smokey Yunick's autobiography "Best Damn Garage in Town (http://www.smokeyyunick.com/)"...

Ferrari ... needed space to work on his cars. I could spare the room, so I let them work here. Ferrari asked to see our dyno, flow bench, and engine room. Well hell. I was flattered, so I said "sure." Well he made a mistake and decided to copy my back pressure ring experiment. Next year he came back and asked me "how it worked out." I said "not worth a ****. I screwed up two or three engines." He laughed and siad "he screwed up a couple also." You know, even with our language barrier I learned quite a bit from him. I got a kick out of his paint jobs. The red with a brush and the silver with a spray bomb. He said "who can tell on the rack?" I don't think they make racers like him anymore.

_ken :w