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12-08-02, 05:28 PM
As far as I'm concerned, the single best engine modification you can make to an old Corvette is adding TPI. My 78 has gone from being a catankerous weekend show car to a dependable daily driver that is as easy to drive as my Tundra. As a bonus, the torque and mileage are increased by magnitudes!

12-09-02, 03:41 PM
Though i really havent gotten todrive mine yet just around the yard and driveway ,the ease of starting over a carbed motor is way better.I think im gone to like it.

12-09-02, 04:05 PM
just around the yard and driveway
patsnitrovette: I can't wait to hear how that tpi treats you after you get out and really test it out. If all works well for you I think it will be the nudge that I need to take the plunge into fuel injection. Right now I don't think tpi is versatile enough to work with my engine, but I hope you prove me wrong because I LOVE the look of the tpi set-up and would LOVE all that torque! :beer


12-09-02, 05:09 PM
well just taking it out front and pulling a holeshot with it, its just annialates(sp) the tires,a ton of torque,ill be ready to take it for a spin this weekend for sure,im going out now to do some more to it.it idles in park with 19 inchs of vacuum and 14 inchs in gear at 750-850 rpm

12-17-02, 03:51 PM
well i got to take it out this weekend for a quick spin and thats what it does just light pressure on the throttle and it lights em right up with ease,cruising down the street and blip the gas and it lights them right up.With the tpi the 3.70 gears and the low first gear of the 700r4,is amazing,and idles smooth too.The sidepipes are loud when getting on it but i can live with that.