View Full Version : [Update] 1953-1955 Model Centers Released

12-05-02, 11:18 PM
As part of our "continuous improvement plan" here at the Corvette Action Center, we are slowly revamping the Corvette Research Center (http://CorvetteActionCenter.com/specs/index.html) in order to provide you with more specific information, make it easier to add future additions to the individual model year centers, and implement an internal navigation system which should make it easier to run through that section of the site.

Tonight, the following Model Centers have been released:

1953 Corvette Research Center (http://CorvetteActionCenter.com/specs/c1/1953/index.html)
1954 Corvette Research Center (http://CorvetteActionCenter.com/specs/c1/1954/index.html)
1955 Corvette Research Center (http://CorvetteActionCenter.com/specs/c1/1955/index.html)

Each of these model centers includes data additions and corrections as well as bug fixes which should make the pages render properly in various web browsers.