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11-30-02, 12:48 PM
What is the best way to store my vette to keep the mice out of it?

Thanks Kenny

11-30-02, 01:24 PM
Lots and Lots of Moth Balls

My other project has been siting for years covered while waiting for a suitable soul (engine).

First thing you want to do is get rid of anything that might have a nice smell or taste. Think like a mouse, and understand what they will do to get at food and where they like to live.

Generally small cramped places, darkness is key, so these ares are what you have to look for and protect.

Remove what you can to prevent the little buggers from using seats etc as nesting material.

I pulled the seats and have them inside the house, but in the car itself I have low 1/4" high 6" x 6" cardboard boxes lined with plastic and filled with moth balls. These are placed all over the car, with attention placed where the wiring is.

For these areas I made little netting bags again filled with moth balls and hung them where I figured would be appealing to places to nest and eat for the mice.

Filled heating vents with balls aswell as they fit the above mouse requirments.

Roughly every 6 months I replace the balls. To this date, no mice or anything else for that matter bothered to invade.

Now words of caution, the interior in my senario is vinal and is sealed. I'm not sure I would use this method on a leather interior as it may absorb the chemicals used in the moth balls, but I'm sure after a certain amount of breathable time this odor would leave aswell.

I'm sure others have different methods but this seems to work for me.


11-30-02, 03:15 PM
Seal up the air intake plenum for the heater or A/C unit at the base of the windshield - that's how they get into the car.

12-04-02, 01:16 PM
Originally posted by sprtsjunky32
What is the best way to store my vette to keep the mice out of it?

Thanks Kenny


Go to Long Term / Winter Corvette Storage (http://corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/care/storage.html)

12-04-02, 08:07 PM

I've had very good luck keeping mother natures rodents out, in both my RV and vette, using dryer sheets. Buy a box of 16 or more and be generous. They smell a heck of a lot better than moth balls too.

Dave L.
12-04-02, 08:22 PM
Hey guys I was just curious,where are you keeping your cars that they get mice in them?


12-05-02, 01:55 AM
I keep mine in the garage, but seeing as how we have some really harsh winters up here, both man and beast seek shelter out of the elements.

I think the mice have it right tho, must have good taste in cars at the very least :)

Dunno about you but if I could convince the wife to run the heat in the garage 24/7 I wouldnt come back in the house :L


12-05-02, 02:06 PM
I'm fortunate enough to have mine in a garage that kept at low humidity at a pleasant 65 during these crappy Cleveland winters... (It's clean too, so I don't even worry about dust build up!) :D

Sorry, had to gloat just a little... of course, anyone in the south gloats all year long becuase they can drive their cars year round...chumps! :L

12-05-02, 02:25 PM
Evo, What do you use to keep the humidity down? I have mine in a heated/cooled garage as well and I know that the A/C is great for keeping it down in the summer but I need something for the harsh winters here in Texas!!!!


12-05-02, 03:08 PM
Well, fortunately, the winters here in Cleveland and pretty dry to begin with. So it's not like I'm doing much at all.

Depending on how humid it is, you could suffice with some larger dessicant bags (those bags that absorb moisture, sold in the vette catalogs) or just pop for a good dehumidifier. But dehumidifiers are electricty hogs... Sorry I don't have better answers for you... :eyerole

12-06-02, 02:15 AM
i found one in mine when i first got it....under the passenger seat...nice nest made from the carpet pad! then about 3 months later i find another one......dead from poison in the garage!
i laughed at an add i saw for electronic pest control in a corvette magazine....sends out sound waves....asked a friend why they would do that....he told me about mice & , and there love for nesting in and chewing on the interior and the engine wiring of a car...so i went to sam's club and bought a 6 pack for $20....the mag i was reading was selling 2 for that.....i put them in the vettes crib and i also put one on an extension cord and put it in the car....i am glad to say ive not seen 1 since! alive or dead....i guess it works.i also made sure there wasnt a food supply to keep them happy.

12-06-02, 11:18 AM
I used the mothball system for years, and haven't had a problem. I have to seal the air intakes up on the other cars I have, as I know mice had gotten into them before through the ducts and hoses. I put mine in small metal pans. Plastic or paper containers might transmit residual odors to the carpet or seat.

I have seen the ultrasonic "boxes", but I haven't seen one that tells you if it is still operating correctly. I know they work on bats, squirrels and chipmunks, too. The "buy a six-pack" idea is good. Just have a few extra if one fails...

12-06-02, 11:23 AM
im throwing all 6 at them !!! no chances!!:r