View Full Version : FYI: auto trans dimensions

11-10-02, 05:07 PM
TCI link has dimensions of automatic transmissions PG, 200, 350, 400, 700, 4L60E, 4L80E & others



11-12-02, 11:51 AM
heres more transmission info
gear ratios


trans I.D. and dimensions




4L80e info


now just for your info the 700r4 trans that came in the c-4 vettes is rated to handle 350 ftlb of tq by the time you get to 450hp/450tq you WILL BE busting transmissions, even H.D. rebuilds, that why I started looking around for a H.D. auto trans with an overdrive, the 4l80e handles 900ft lbs of tq

BTW for those who ask why not just have a good shop beef up your 700r trans with a performance rebuild, as you may know once your engine puts out over 450hp/450tq your 700r4 trans is on borrowed time, now theres lots of shops that say they build a 700r4 that will handle 500-700hp but talking to guys that have bought those transmissions I find an extremely high failure rate. Ive ask around and Im reasonably sure others here will verify that even BUILT 700r transmissions are a joke when you stick them behind a 600hp/600ft lbs engine combo for long term use, especially with a good set of slicks, I gave up counting the number of guys that payed big bucks for a built 700r trans that was (TOTALLY GUARANTEED) to handle 600 plus hp only to find that the transmission broke and the shop failed to honor the GUARANTEE saying the tranny was being abused by racing the car. guys are being totally ripped off if you ask me because the shops take the money KNOWING the trans will fail and they won,t honor the guarantee