View Full Version : Carb Style Fuel Injection to Get 6000+ RPM?

11-02-02, 11:00 PM
Hey guys! If you've ever driven an LT1 or LS1 based GM Vette, Z28 or other, you know that you can stay in your gear of choice for a lot more RPM and way past that of the TPI intake motors that are on our Callaways.

Can you imagine if your TT could rev to 6000 and still make solid power all the way there? I do like the neck snapping torque of the TPI setup, but it's finicky with a short lived power band.

How's about this? I've heard that the miniram manifold is too low to work properly with the Callaway forced induction plumbing.. but, this may be a solution. Check it out...


11-03-02, 01:02 PM
That would be an interesting conversion, I have often wondered about it. I think the easier fix would be ASM runners and a ported TPIS Big Mouth base. You could spin at least 57-5800rpm.

11-03-02, 05:30 PM
I was told by Reeves that they would use a Victor Jr intake manifold and then make a plenum for it just like the sledgehammer and the 1989 callaway #010 . That is what I was told.

11-03-02, 05:40 PM
The MiniRam or LT! style manifolds have proven to be quite a job to install... I like car #10's look and it seems to sit higher at the TB that a Miniram...
Pete, when are you going to UK to look at it? :beer

11-03-02, 06:09 PM
First I still have to call them . I didnt have a chance this week . I spoke with Joanne and the file they have on the car is 2 inches thick. JoAnne can not release with out the owners permission. reeves says it is one hell of a car . It was the direction the TT would have gone if the project was continued. I will definately get in touch with them this week and we will take it from there.

11-03-02, 08:31 PM
I checked out the exported #10 pictures, and it appears that the intake on that car is of the mini-ram(ish) style.. it's very similar to the LT-1 in perspective to the height of the valve covers.

So, what's the conversion from Brit pounds to $US.??

11-04-02, 07:06 AM