View Full Version : Exhaust sleeves--trivia

10-31-02, 01:25 PM
Heres some thing I noticed while washing my car the other day....

The outlet sleeves on the mufflers have "CALLAWAY" stamped on the top side of them. Id never noticed that before. :beer:

Oh well :L

11-01-02, 05:40 PM
Cool! Mine are plain Stainless Steel...

11-01-02, 07:33 PM
I have the Callaway stamp on my mufflers also

11-01-02, 10:30 PM
Mine are stamped Callaway too!


11-01-02, 11:03 PM
Hmmmm, Do I need (thicker) Glasses :( I am assuming it is on the outside of the tips or, the tiops of the ovals...
Anyone have a pic?

Hope everyones B2K's are A, o.k.!!!! :D

11-01-02, 11:26 PM
guess i never cleaned mine that well---------i never got that low to look

11-02-02, 10:00 AM
Chris check in center on the very top side of the sleeve. If the mufflers are too close to the car you might not be able to see it.

11-02-02, 01:51 PM
With the Aerobody, it is VERY tough to see the word...
It does Say CALLAWAY on each tip in small font. :beer