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C3Vette Lady
04-23-01, 01:20 AM
Can someone please tell me what is meant by the term "matching number car"? I keep reading that on the list postings, but am not clear as to what that means exactly... Am I missing out on something important??? It must have something to do with the VIN I guess....


04-23-01, 04:58 AM
Vin # stamped on engine pad in front of right hand head matches vin #on body vin tag.Also can refer to any stamped codes or cast codes indicting origonal parts Chuck

04-23-01, 07:04 AM

The term "matching numbers" indicates that the vette has the original factory engine, transmission, and differential. These major components are all stamped with serial numbers in various places that match the last six digits of your vin (vehicle identification number) tag located in the lower left corner of your winshield. It is considered that a vette with all matching numbers has more value since all the components are "factory original". Hope this answered your question.


C3Vette Lady
04-24-01, 11:45 PM
Thanks for the answers! I will have to see what I find under my hood....