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10-19-02, 03:59 AM
The subject of roadster versus convertible comes up every now and then, so I thought I'd post some definitions I found recently.

Generally this is a two-door automobile without a fixed roof. Instead, the roof folds up or is removed in some way so that the passenger compartment is exposed to the open air. Some roofs are made of flexible fabric or plastic which folds up behind the passenger compartment. Other roofs are not flexible and retract into the trunk. Some retract automatically while others must be manually removed and placed in the trunk. The term was introduced in the 1930s.
In the 1950s, a "hardtop convertible" was introduced to look like a convertible with its top up; but its fixed roof did not fold or retract. It was also called a "drophead coupé" or "open car."

Hardtop Convertible:
An automobile with a fixed roof that does not retract into the trunk, but gives the appearance of being a convertible.
Note: These were also known as "pillarless sedans". ;)

According to Car and Driver, the term "sedan" refers to a fixed-roof car with at least four doors or any fixed-roof two-door car with at least 33 cubic feet (934 liters) of rear interior volume, according to measurements based on SAE standard J1100.

(Rdstr) This term derives from equestrian vocabulary where it was applied to a horse used for riding on the roads. Old dictionaries define the roadster as an open-type car designed for use on ordinary roads, with a single seat for two persons and, often, a rumble seat. It is an open-type body with one bench seat and a luggage compartment in the rear deck. The weatherproof fabric top may be folded, and side curtains may be removed. The windshield usually may be folded down. The original concept is maintained by the Morgan Plus 8 but modern roadsters include power features such as power steering, electric windows, etc. as in the Mercedes-Benz SL. Also see "sport roadster".

Sport Roadster:
In addition to being a roadster, it has provision for a rumble seat in the rear deck, along with a golf locker for storage.

And just for the heck of it, I'll throw in these for your edification:
Sports Car:
Term commonly used to describe a relative small, low slung car with a high performance engine and excellent handling. Originally, sports cars were faster than sedans; today, many sedans can easily out-perform sports cars in terms of top speed as well as acceleration.

Sports Racer:
A two-seat race car with enclosed wheels.

Who'll be the first to question the validity of those definitions? :SLAP
_ken :w

10-19-02, 10:51 AM
Just wondering where the definitions came from?


11-21-02, 09:00 PM
More to chew on:D.

NCRS Definitions:

Convertible - Cars with a fold down canvas like top, and roll up windows.

Roadster - 1953 -1955 Corvettes were roadsters, they had side curtains, no roll up windows. NCRS does consider Convertible the same as Roadster.

01-03-03, 09:41 AM
I'm making a roadster out of my convertible. I glued the bucket seats together to make it one seat, folded the windshield down using my BIG hammer, and cutting a hole in the back deck for the rumble seat with my recip saw.

Wow now that I think of of it I have a RARE corvette,, let me put it on Ebay for 100 grand :eyerole

01-24-03, 11:44 PM
Sports car: An automobile with two seats. It sometimes has storage space for two bags and nothing else. What more do you need?

04-23-03, 05:30 AM
" HA" YOU GUYS"....

A sports car is a automobile that is manintained and driven on a every day base buy you guessed it a "sport" It was that in the old country there was two types of blokes. one was a "sport" the other was a " wangker " now I'm not shure what kind of cars that " Wangkers" drive but I've herd that they drive ford power stroke's........ pun intended. :J :J :J :J :J