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10-15-02, 03:24 PM
it may sound silly but i would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to rotate the crankshaft to TDC so that i can remove the dist.
i am repairing the intake manifold as the carb decided to break off one of its screws on the intake. i know that it is a simple process, so please just help me out here.

10-15-02, 04:28 PM
Note which is # 1 plug wire on cap ... make small mark on dist BASE (not cap) directly below # 1 terminal ... remove cap.

With socket turn crank ... by rotating harmonic balancer bolt (at end of crank) clockwise until mark on balancer coincides w zero on timing tab.

Check to see if rotor is pointing to # 1 (remember the mark you made on base). If at # 1 then you're at TDC . If it's about 180 degrees away then turn crank one more full turn til balancer is again at zero.

Note cam turns at half speed of crank ... distributor turn same speed as cam.

Basically, when BOTH rotor is pointing to number one AND balancer mark is at zero ... you're at TDC.

10-15-02, 05:06 PM
Jack's 100% correct in his reply, but I'm a little confused here. Why are you removing the intake to repair a broken bolt for the carb? If it's one of the four studs that thread into the intake, if there isn't enough left to get a GOOD pair of vice grips on it, why not just drill the stud out using a smaller size bit, keeping it centered and then use an easy out? You're adding a lot of extra work to this by removing the dist. and intake if that's the case. If not already done, remove the carb and stuff clean rags in the plenum where the carb allows the gas to enter the intake. Keep us posted, we can walk you through it.

10-15-02, 05:56 PM
thanks a lot guys....i am removing the intake so that i can replace a few things, hoses, etc... and i guess it would be a learning process to take the dist and intake off...
the car runs pretty well, usually, but i have been having some probs with the oil in terms of an unidentified leak and high pressure (70 at idle) so i've got the time i guess to try and figure it out somehow, or just end up letting it roll out of the garage into traffic...
where can i find the easy out stuff, auto zone or something like that?
thanks again

10-15-02, 09:33 PM
Check out a shop manual. All early engines are the same, small block, big block etc. as far as firing order, removing and installing dist. heads etc. If you're serious about letting it roll out in the traffic, let me know, it can roll right up on my trailer, I'd love an oil leaking, usually running good big block 69. Seriously, you can find books on your specific year and engine, try a search on this site. 70 lbs. is an awful lot of pressure, especially at an idle. You might want to check the gauge and sender unless you have a mechanical gauge. How long have you had the car and what do you know about its history, rebuilds, miles etc. Local speed shops are "usually" helpful, local cruise nights are even better, there's a world of knowledge at a cruise night and most guys are very willing to help. Make sure if you're not sure about what you're doing, don't be afraid to stop and ask someone that knows. I've seen too many engines not put together right only to have them torn down again at double the time and expense!!! There's a tremendous amount of knowledge right here at CAC, you get in a jam, you holler, we'll help. My email is in my profile. Let us know;)