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10-08-02, 09:04 AM
Anyone heard of Royale from Zymol??? I hear it is over $6000 a can.... for those of you who don't know a whole lot about Zymol, they have a few waxes $500 + /can, and one is about 1,600, for a lifetime supply... the Royale is supposed to have the highest concentration of carnuba in any wax (Carnuba in its natural form is harder than concrete)... Zymol has such a high concentration as it is (in their estate waxes) that you have to put the wax on with your bare hands, so you can warm up the wax to make it flexible..... any opinions?

10-08-02, 09:24 AM
MY God-- Does it say CORVETTE on the can???????

10-08-02, 09:56 AM
I read in one of the car mags that Zymol occasionally manufactures special compounds, for customers willing to pay big $$$. This is not lifetime wax, but formulated for a specific vehicle, such as a 1962 Ferrari, about to be shown at Pebble Beach, for example. The high price is due to the development costs, as they might sell only a very small number of units. THis may or may not be the Royale, not sure.

10-08-02, 10:03 AM
Zymol has many brand specific blends... including C5 glaze, NSX glaze etc., But Royale looks like an estate wax...