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10-02-02, 03:53 PM
Most of you are aware that Chris (69MyWay) is running the Edelbrock EFI package on his big-block Killer Shark. And there are others here in our community are also running one or another of the aftermarket EFI systems.

Well, The November issues of both Chevy High Performance (http://www.chevyhiperformance.com/) magazine and Super Chevy (http://www.superchevy-web.com/) magazine have articles on the Edelbrock system and also the Holley system, as well as a beginner's guide to electronic fuel injection entitled EFI FOR THE MASSES.

CHP's article is entitled: RATRONIC--Testing Edelbrock's big-block Pro-Flo EFI package.

Super Chevy has two articles, the above mentioned beginners guide, and one entitled: A STROKE OF EFI GENIUS--Holley's new fuel system works great on our Hye-Tech Performance 391.

I encourage those of you that are considering such a set-up to read the articles. ;)