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08-13-02, 09:43 PM

08-13-02, 10:08 PM
Great link! My dad's Suburban has extremely excessive shudder/judder when breaking, and of course our mechanic/friend said warped rotors. I'll show him the article and see what he says.

T Jay

08-13-02, 10:20 PM
i have found the "deposits" on the rotors of my sons venture van when he had vibrations.

10-25-02, 01:28 PM
It feels good to be vindicated! For years I have been telling people not to top off their master cylinders and never have I gotten one person to believe that. Even Jiffy lube insists on topping off master cylinders. I did not realize that brake fluid needed to be replaced annually. I doubt anyone who uses their car for everyday operation would do that

But thanks for the link it was very informative.........

10-25-02, 04:16 PM
Thanks very good reading

11-03-02, 09:57 PM
Some of the article's so-called statements-of-fact may be misleading. Rotors do warp ... trust me. Now there's no doubt that some lateral runout can be attributed to pad deposition ... but I've personally inspected, miked, buffed with scotchbrite, turned, replaced dozens of rotors ... they do warp! Mind you, it seems the article's author seems to be writing from the perspective of RACE ONLY. My perspective is from street use. Street cars' iron rotors often go through some RANGE-extremes that many racers' don't ... Run a hot rotor through a big puddle without quickly getting it hot again ... it'll warp like a slice of fried bologna! No, the pun wasn't intended ... but now that I think of it.