View Full Version : Cleaning fuel injectors?

08-05-02, 01:20 PM
How do you clean the fuel injectors? Do you simply buy injector cleaner and soak them or what? I got a quote of $140 to clean mine and I don't think it should be that difficult.



Bob Chadwick
08-06-02, 11:15 AM

What fuel injectors? Your car is carborated (sp).


08-06-02, 11:27 AM
I need to do the 100K mile tune-up on my "other" car. It's an Expedition. The F*rd dealer wants $150 plus tax ($162). I was just thinking that there had to be a better solution. I have found that you can send the injectors off to special injector cleaning shops for as little as $11 per injector. They do a very thorough job of cleaning and even do a flow test to ensure even spray. The dealership just hooks up the vehicles fuel line to their solvent and runs the car for a while. They don't do any kind of flow test to ensure that the injectors are operating properly.


08-06-02, 11:45 AM
I read an article by a retired GM fuel expert, that running two tanks of detergent gasoline will clean the dirtiest injectors just fine. They tested a Firebird, with fouled, leaky, smelly; just awful squirters, and found the above. The injectors cleaned right up, and he stated most of the 'cleansings' were a waste of money.

This sounds like preventative maintenance, as I saw no running issues. I'd be suspect of a shop that was more eager for my dough than for wise, necessary repairs to my vehicle.


08-06-02, 11:50 AM
I am starting to have some running issues with mine. It is idling somewhat rough and occassionally there is an off-idle hesitation. It is due for spark plug and fuel filter replacement which I will do shortly. The only reason I suspected the fuel injectors was because of the previously mentioned symptoms. Both of which point to dirty fuel injectors. I have used the redline injector cleaner in my car as well as other off-the-shelf cleaners to try to remedy the situation with no effect.

I know there are a few issues which could affect idle and hesitation but the rest of the car appears (visually as well as technically) in good shape.