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08-02-19, 03:26 PM
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I should know the answer but not sure.
In order to buy RPOE60 (Front lift adjustable height with GPS cloud memory), do you need to buy RPOFE4 (Z51 suspension performance with Magnetic Selective Ride Control, with includes (B4Z) Performance Traction Management)
Also is the 18.5 gallon fuel cell one unit or does the car have two tanks like C5, 6&7

In other words do you need to have FE4 to buy front lift axle?

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Hib Halverson
08-03-19, 12:50 PM
My understanding is that E60 is a stand alone option on 2LT and 3LT cars with no restrictions, ie: you can have it whether or not you also have Z51.

I do not know if there are two tanks or one.

Order MagnaRide. You'll love it.

08-03-19, 03:46 PM
Thank You for the reply.