View Full Version : To Z07 or not to Z07

05-05-19, 04:17 PM
I'm contemplating ordering a Z06 before C7 production ends and the front engine 'Vette is gone forever. My question to you all is; is the Z07 package worth the extra $7- 11K (including the Level 2 ground effects)? I do intend on doing some local track events along with the One Lap of America, but it will spend 95% of it's life on the road.

I know some people are probably going to say spend the extra $$$ just to avoid the brake dust, but that's not such a huge deal for me, I'm going to get the black wheels, and I don't mind washing my car. I'm more interested in the daily driving characteristics of the Z07 package. What say you Z06 owners? If you had it to do again, would you opt for the Z07 package or not?

Hib Halverson
06-02-19, 01:45 PM
You've probably already ordered but, if you going to track, it get Z07. If you are a track rat, you're used to a firm ride, Z07 is really not much of an issue on the street because MR works so well in damping low frequency suspension motion.

You'll love the carbon brakes

The only problem might be the Cup tires and that depends on how often you drive on the street in cold or stormy weather.