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08-04-02, 06:48 PM
Anyone have a source for a sweet looking NHRA approved roll bar for a C1?

08-04-02, 08:39 PM
Chris, you'll get more exposure in this forum. ;)

_ken :w

Tom Bryant
08-09-02, 03:58 PM
I always liked the Moon detachable roll bar available from Moon Equipment Co in the late 50s to 60s. Hasn't been available in a long time. I wonder if Moon still has the blueprints for it or would make them on request?

It was a loop that fit under the hardtop with a brace bar that went from a bracket in the center of the top bar down to a bracket on the passenger floor (frame X member). Easy to remove if you had a passenger. The rear loop went down next to the door lock pillars through the area where the soft top frame mounts and attached to frame mounted brackets. You could get it painted or chrome. Old NHRA and SCCA cars used these but they probably wouldn't pass today. Also requires removal of the soft top. You might try Alston Chassis (Jegs is a dealer for Alston roll cages and frames ect.) but I'll bet you will have to have a shop fabricate one.


08-09-02, 06:17 PM
Hey Chris, it just dawned on me that Richie Okamoto knows and recommends somebody for custom roll bar work and he's local. I'll try to remember to get the name the next time I talk to Richie. ;)

_ken :w