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11-05-18, 11:32 PM
Was a member here from about 2002 until 2012 when I sold by 1996 LT4 CE. I missed the "old car" so I bought a 2000 C5, red Vert. this week. I am 82 and my wife 79 and can wait to take some nice road trips. You all were very helpful when I had the 1996. Hope I can call on members with questions. Bought about $200 worth of Adams and other brands and will start getting it into the best shape I can.

U.S.A.F Retired

11-06-18, 06:58 AM
Welcome back Joe and congrats! :w

11-06-18, 12:38 PM
Welcome back!

11-06-18, 06:50 PM
WB & Thanks for your service.