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05-08-17, 03:10 PM
It was a car fanatic's nightmare. While Terry Berkson was visiting his newborn son at the hospital, his'63 Corvette--a gift from his late father--was stolen off the streets of Brooklyn. Berkson didn't have theft insurance, and he couldn't get over the loss. Detectives wrote his car off. It's been chopped up for parts, they told him he would never find it. His wife and sister-in-law thought he was crazy. But, he didn't give in--he posted reward notices and cruised neighborhoods where a stolen Corvette might pop up.
In his incredible search, he was aided by an unlikely collection of understanding officials, sympathetic car thieves, as well as repo men, bus drivers on the lookout for him, and desperate cases who wanted to help him in unexpected ways--like the woman who claimed she had seen the car, and was wearing almost nothing when he showed up to talk with her. He plunged into the secretive and dangerous world of "chop shops," where cars are cut down to nothing and sold for untraceable parts. He lurked in the dim corners of New York's most secluded hiding places, like King Kong's Cave in the Bronx, where stolen cars are abandoned and set on fire. He learned how professional thieves plan and pull off grand theft auto, and he finally located his car--but what happens when he does is both terrifying and exhilarating.
An original blend of philosophy--why we love our cars the way we do--the nuts and bolts of crime, urban adventure, and the underbelly of America's car-crazed culture. Corvette Odyssey is sure to find its place on the shelves of auto fans and lovers of a fine tale well told. "Highly recommended with broad appeal," says Library Journal. Terry Berkson has an MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College and has been published in Automobile magazine, New York magazine and many more. The 200 page book is available on Amazon. Custom signed copies (up to 20 words)can be bought directly from the author for $8, shipping included. Contact: TerryBerkson@aol.com or send check to 349 Gulf Road, Richfield Springs, NY 13439.