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Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 03:44 PM
The one big thing about going to collector car auctions is that you get the opportunity to see cars that you would otherwise never see in person. Barrett-Jackson is one of the best for that. There were so many fantastic cars there that it is impossible to comment on all of them so here I'm going to present my top ten that, in my opinion, were the best of the rest.

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 03:56 PM
Number one on this list and very historically important is this 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah. Bill Thomas jumped right into the middle of the Corvette/Cobra battle with a car that was lighter and equally powered. I still have the Hot Rod Magazine that had the big write up on these cars with the 327/375 Fuelie engines. What a beast. This car did not meet the reserve. No Sell.

Here is the Barrett-Jackson description and photos of this car:

This is #006 competition Cheetah built at Bill Thomas Race Cars in Anaheim, CA. It was ordered new in '64 by Jack Goodman, owner of Clarence Dixon Cadillac Dealer in Hollywood, CA. It is one of 15 known to survive in the world today. This is the only Cheetah ever built and raced with the famous Corvette heavy-duty 427ci L88 aluminum-head racing engine option. Complete nut-and-bolt, museum-quality restoration by BTM LLC of Arizona. It currently has the lowest-mile 1967 genuine Corvette 427ci L88 IT-code crate engine. The '67 M22 Muncie 4-speed manual transmission was also rebuilt, as was the heavy-duty 4.11 rear axle. This Cheetah still retains its original 4130 chromoly chassis and suspension, complete original fiberglass body, and original fiberglass and aluminum interior. It has a documented full ownership history of seven owners since April 1964. It was titled and licensed for street use by the third owner in 1969 in Utah. The ID number is visible on the front upper frame rail. It has five years of SCCA/FIA racing history at Times Grand Prix (Riverside), Laguna Seca (Monterey), Willow Springs, Pomona, Bend (Oregon), Odessa (Texas), Star Dust, War Bonnet, Davis Monthan AFB (Tucson, AZ), Santa Barbara, Airport #2 (Utah). It was 1968 Southern Pacific region SCCA A/SR Champion with the 427 L88. The drivers were Jack Goodman, Mike Jones, Ralf Piccard, Jim Phillips and Sid Harmon. The numbers it has raced with are #1, #11, #33, #72. This car was the first Bill Thomas Cheetah ever to attend Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2016. It was ordered new with Corvette Sebring Silver body color, black interior, 327/375hp fuel-injected Corvette engine, 4-speed Muncie transmission, triple fuel tanks, inside spare tire, American Racing wheels and Goodyear Blue Streaks tires. Evolving over three years of racing, it was upgraded by Bill Thomas in April 1965, with a wide body, Ansen rear wheels with Firestone Indy tires, dual Corvette radiators, upgraded heavy-duty chassis for the new 396/425hp Corvette engine and M22 Muncie Rock Crusher, and disc brakes. It was also upgraded in April 1967 with the new Corvette heavy-duty 427ci L88 aluminum-head racing engine







Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 04:10 PM
Here's a car I've seen before. Even though it seems that every LS6 Chevelle SS is now restored and on the auction circuit (except for my Autumn Gold LS6 El Camino SS that met a horrible end with a subsequent owner) this one is special. It's a COPO car with GM Canada documentation. What makes it a COPO is the factory applied 1969 Daytona Yellow paint that was not available in 1970. This car has been restored to original with new correct color paint. It sold for $110,000.


​Barrett-Jackson photo

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 04:21 PM
A 1930 Cord L29 Brougham is one of the most distinctive cars ever produced. It's front wheel drive was inspired by Miller Indy cars of the day and the styling was lower and sleeker than most cars of the period. This pristine example sold for $300,000.


​Barrett-Jackson photo

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 04:36 PM
Another prime example of the cars that came out of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company in Auburn Indiana (site of the very first Corvette Action Center Cruisefest) was this V12 Auburn. A 1933 Auburn 12 161A Salon Phaeton Convertible to be exact. The sound of these V12 engines is truly music to the ears. This one sold to the tune of $165,000.


​Barrett-Jackson photos

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 05:18 PM
While these cars get lost among the hoards of wing cars, these are the cars that got Dodge into the aero wars on the NASCAR tracks. The grille was pushed out flush with the front of the car and the rear window was raised up flush with the rear C pillars to make a fastback top. If you watch Graveyard Cars on Velocity you know just how crudely that rear window modification was done on both these and the wing cars. In August of 1969 when I was home for a month between beautiful S. E. Asia and Germany there was one just like this on the dealer lot in Ft. Wayne. There was also a black one sitting beside it with a 440 and 4 speed. This one brought $101,200.

​Barrett-Jackson photos

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 05:24 PM
How about a Goldenrod Yellow Ram Air IV 1969 GTO Judge? In a rarely seen color this one sold for $143,000.

​Barrett-Jackson photo

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 05:35 PM
Just when it looked like Ford was getting it right with their T Bird they pulled the plug and turned it into a four passenger overweight personal luxury car with nothing special under the hood. Thankfully there was a quantity of dual quad 312s and some of these Paxton supercharged versions sold before the end of the two passenger car. Even though the four passenger replacement was a huge sales success I wonder what could have been if the T Bird and Corvette would have continued on as rivals. This nice supercharged example sold for a whopping $148,500.



​Barrett-Jackson photos

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 05:45 PM
What better color for a 1969 COPO Camaro than Hugger Orange? This one, out of the Reggie Jackson collection, is better equipped than most with the vinyl top, Endura front bumper, and deluxe interior appointments. It was also well documented and hammered for $132,000.

​Barrett-Jackson photo

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 06:00 PM
This 1967 L79 Nova SS was about the nicest one I have seen in a long time and I don't remember ever seeing a gold one before. It had a meticulous restoration with absolutely nothing left undone. Hammer price was $49,500.


Barrett-Jackson photos

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 06:13 PM
This 1956 Ford big window is as nice as they come. Everything is chromed including the Jaguar suspension. Sold for $63,800.



​Barrett-Jackson photos

Tom Bryant
03-07-17, 06:23 PM
Well, that's it for Barrett-Jackson this year unless someone wants to finance my trip to another one of their auctions.

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03-07-17, 07:30 PM
Very cool, Tom! Thanks for the report! Someday I'll find the time to actually attend (rather than watch) a Barrett-Jackson or Mecum auction.

03-08-17, 01:18 AM
Those are some gorgeous vehicles!! Thanks for posting!!


03-08-17, 09:57 AM
As you can tell, I think we both like the same cars, Tom. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with all of us here. Maybe, just maybe, someday I'll go to one of these auctions. :thumb

Tom Bryant
03-08-17, 01:10 PM
I have been going to classic car auctions since the '70s when it became part of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival over Labor Day weekend every year. The nice thing about having one close to home is that I can come and go all week long as I want and sleep in my own bed. However, even if one is 2 hours away and you don't have several days to invest in it there is an easy way to get the whole experience. First make sure your DVR is set to record the entire event. Then grab a couple friends and leave about 6 or 7am on the day you are going. If I'm doing a single day I like to go on one of the early days to avoid the big crowds. All of the cars and vendors are there so you can see everything if you wear good walking shoes. Plus the seating won't be full so you can take breaks and watch the cars sell without looking for empty seats. Have a great day and head home about 7,8 or 9pm depending on how you hold out and still be home before midnight. Then watch the auction on your DVR at your convenience and follow along on your laptop or the auction catalog, if you bought one. It's more fun to watch the auction on TV once you have actually seen the cars. You are more connected with it.

Anyway, there are big name auctions in KC and Dallas so get out and go. Mac, you are always welcome too.


03-09-17, 09:35 AM
KC and Denver are the two closest ones for us, 6 hours and 5 hours respectively. I've thought about doing the Mecum in KC, as we have two daughters that live in the KC area, but just haven't got it done yet.

03-09-17, 10:09 AM
Dallas would be closest to me -- if one came up on the calendar when I was around Texas longer than a week at a time... Being a flight test nomad kind-of sidetracks my ability to plan to attend such events... Otherwise I just have chance that a "one-off" will come up near wherever it is I am...

Plus I'd be too tempted to buy something if I was actually there in person; when I'm watching the results on TV, there's more of a casually-detached interest on my part...