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02-02-17, 09:22 AM
When sitting at light in 2017 Grand Sport in 1st gear or when coming to a stop, getting noise exactly like my 08 Z06 has when sitting a light with it in first gear with the clutch in. Only problem is this a automatic transmission. Anybody have a similar complaint. I took it to Henderson Chevrolet. They say they don't hear a thing. Sounds like a box of rocks being shook.

02-02-17, 12:43 PM
I haven't noticed anything.

02-02-17, 01:17 PM
Well me nether until I turned down the stereo.

Hib Halverson
02-03-17, 12:11 AM
No automatic should sound like a "box of rocks" when sitting at a light.

Turns out I'm going to be in Henderson most of next week tending to some business there. Let's meet. I'd like to listen to the car.

02-03-17, 09:58 AM
Sent you a private message,

06-20-17, 12:55 PM
Well the noise is back. Henderson Chevrolet say they replaced the Torque Tube. The noise returned a few thousand miles later. I took it in and the tech says he can't hear a thing. Tells me to drive some more and let the noise get louder. When I took it last week for the center stack screen going out i mentioned this again. Again the tech says he doesn't hear a thing. Now I know I am hard of hearing (too many loud bangs) but, if I can hear something it has to be obvious to anyone else. My brother hears it just fine. When the dealer called to tell me about the back ordered parts my service advisor tells me they have replaced a torque tube bearing and I shouldn't hear that noise again. If this car is continuously having problems with the torque tube or torque tube bearings, something tells me that there is a serious misalignment somewhere in the drive train. Just saying. This is the first automatic Vette I have had and I am wishing I had stayed with a manual tranny.

06-23-17, 09:08 PM
Does it always make the noise or sometimes? If it is intermittent, record it.

06-24-17, 12:59 PM
It is mostly when slowing down coming to a stop.

vett boy
06-24-17, 06:22 PM
GM has been replacing torque converters on C7's

06-24-17, 07:24 PM
Thanks. They have been replacing the torque tube and torque tube bearing

08-21-17, 10:57 AM
Just left the car at Henderson Chevrolet this weekend, again. Just got it back 2 weeks ago. The intervals between repairs is getting shorter. As much as I didn't want to, I have started proceedings for a Lemon Law buyback. Out of 11 Corvettes I have owned this one is the ONLY one I have had with an issue that wasn't taken care of with one visit to the dealership. 5 times now this beast has thrown the torque tube bearing. I hope GM takes this car and dissects it to find out why it constantly wearing out a bearing that should last a lot longer than 2 weeks. Don't want any other Corvette enthusiast to experience this nightmare.

08-22-17, 08:47 AM
Keep us posted on what they find.

08-22-17, 09:33 AM
Will do. I have a case number with GM corporate. Waiting for their call today.

09-04-17, 12:38 PM
Well GM has finally decided to buy back my 2017 Grand Sport. Found another to replace it. Just waiting for GM's "process" so I can get into my new one. VERY frustrating waiting for GM to get off it's butt and give my replacement Grand Sport. Has anyone else gone through this process? Any tips on how to keep my blood pressure down while I wait for GM get this done? Have a great Labor Day everybody.

vett boy
09-04-17, 02:41 PM
Well GM has finally decided to buy back my 2017 Grand Sport. Found another to replace it. Just waiting for GM's "process" so I can get into my new one. VERY frustrating waiting for GM to get off it's butt and give my replacement Grand Sport. Has anyone else gone through this process? Any tips on how to keep my blood pressure down while I wait for GM get this done? Have a great Labor Day everybody.I'd be thankful that GM is willing to do a buy back .

09-28-17, 10:18 AM
It's now 41 days and still waiting for Gm to wrap this ugly mess up. 41 days of driving a rental car. I am so sick of GM's bs I am sure this will be the last GM product I ever buy.I cannot put into words how truly nauseated I am. $85K for a car and nothing but a headache. I just received an email from GM's "repurchase" headquarters saying that they hope to wrap up the closing of my new Vette by Monday. If they really cared about their customers I think they could do better than that. I have been a cheerleader for Corvettes since my first one in 1993 when I was forced to give up riding Harleys due to my 3rd broken vertebrae from inattentive drivers. I had 5 of those when I was forced to sell them and buy my first Vette. Since then I have bought 11 of them. My first Vette gave me a feeling similar to riding my Harley with a cage encompassing me. It was as close as I could get to riding a bike on 4 wheels. I never looked back and enthusiastically bought Vette after Vette with each new one being better than the last, until this 2017 Grand Sport. If I ever get a replacement it will make an even dozen. Sadly I must conclude that GM has given up caring about owners of their products. This experience has certainly turned me off their products as much as the the millionaire cry babies of the NFL have made me boycott that sport. Gm was once a proud company run by people who actually cared about the product and the people who bought them. No more. I won't go so far as to sell all of my Gm products I presently own but, I promise you I will not buy another new car from them EVER. I just added all of the money I have spent Corvette since 1983 and came up with approximately $530,000. Just on Vettes. You would think that would get someone's attention. I just hope that no one has to live through hell Gm has put me through. I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE.

10-04-17, 10:57 AM
Now I am told that the dealer, Henderson Chevrolet is waiting for a fax from Gm before they can proceed. If this is GMs "process" I would say they need to rethink this "process". I pulled my 72 SS Nova out of storage on Monday. Tired of driving a Cruz for 40 plus days. I might take the 90 ZR1 out storage this weekend if I am not driving my new Grand Sport by then. I am sick up and fed of GMs "process". I keep remembering the line from Silence of the Lambs "all good things come to those who wait, Clarice".
Also, I would like to ask everyone to say a prayer for all those we lost to a sad, unstable idiot who is hopefully burning in Hell for all eternity. Las Vegas has had its share of tragedies but, this one is truly heart breaking.

10-21-17, 04:56 PM
Finally finished all the GM "process" paperwork and have taken delivery of another 2017 Grand Sport. This one is Blue with the white center stripe and red Heritage stripes on the fenders. I honestly thought I would die before we finished all of this crap. Been driving it for a week and I am extremely glad I went back to a manual transmission. I had crushed my left leg when I was 19 and have had pain in that leg EVERY day since but, I thought not having to use a clutch might help some of the daily pain. I found out the hard way it made no difference. All is well that ends well I guess. Just happy to be able to wave at fellow Corvette owners again without them thinking I was an idiot. I would forget I was in a rental car. Now the only auto trans car I have at the house is my wife's Ford Flex and my 57 Bel Air. Life is good again. Thanks to everybody on this site. Still the best Vette site anywhere.

10-21-17, 08:50 PM
Congrats on the manual three pedal choice.

Pulling a flappy paddle, or pushing a steering wheel button is just not the same. :)

10-23-17, 09:04 AM
Thanks and, you are correct about the pedals. NEVER again.

Hib Halverson
10-27-17, 11:49 AM
Hey Karl-

Glad to hear you FINALLY got GM to buy the other car back.

10-28-17, 05:50 PM
Thanks Hib. It was a long and SLOW process. Glad to back in a manual.

corvette addict
11-09-17, 09:59 AM

corvette addict

11-09-17, 11:35 AM
No I never had that problem. The torque tube bearing kept failing. First at 6 months then 2 months later then a month later and then a week after the repair. I would hear it when coming to a stop and occasionally when on the freeway and letting off the go fast pedal. Never a shudder. They said the check the crankshaft for end play but they never said if they checked the transaxle which I felt was a more likely culprit.