View Full Version : [SPY PHOTOS] Mid-Engined Corvette Caught Winter Testing with ZR1 Prototypes

01-30-17, 11:24 AM
Up until now, all we had were faint, blurry images of a heavily camouflaged mid-engine prototype running around a test track and not much detail could be made out. Thanks to Road and Track, that all changes now.

What you're looking at is the best look to date at the upcoming 2019 Mid-Engined C8 Corvette - caught winter testing with a couple 2018 ZR1 Corvette test mules.

Looking at the photos, we can easily tell this is a mid-engined prototype given the high rear deck and very short overhangs. Up front, it looks like there's some pretty large air intakes, but that could be just due to the look of the camouflage. What also interesting to note is that the windshield, roof and doors look like they came right off the C7, however the overall size of the car in terms of length, looks smaller than the current C7 Corvette.

There are rumors floating around that this could be a mid-engined Cadillac which wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. In 2004, Cadillac introduced the Cadillac XLR (http://www.xlr-net.com) built off of the C6 Corvette's chassis and built on a separate assembly line in the back of the Corvette's Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

Either way, there's a mid-engined "something" coming on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Source: RoadandTrack.com

http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/c8mid-engg01kgped.jpg (http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/c8mid-engg01kgped.jpg)

01-30-17, 12:41 PM
I'm kinda, sorta hoping it is a Cadillac.
Either way, I intend to own one after they get into production.

02-04-17, 11:04 PM
I still think it will be a Caddy. It would make sense
that the Corvette team would develop it. Personally, I think it should be a Corvette branded so it could be sold by the top tier Current Vette dealers and qualified Caddy stores. If I was going to drop $125k - $150k, I'd choose to do,it at a nice major Caddy shop. If Chevy sells it, they should upgrade the Selling/service experience. It will be interesting, for sure.

03-12-17, 02:28 PM
well I hope not, most emphatically. for me, the Corvette experience is centered on having a very large V8 up front with bags of torque and, for me at least, feeding that torque thru a GM automatic transmission.
the performance levels a present day C7 is capable of are way beyond anything one could use outside a track day. so, I fail to see the sense in trying to compete with the mid-engined crowd. mid-engined Lambo copies won't get any better, nor more perfect, than an Audi R8 and those who want a Ferrari best buy one, I guess.

but where if not in a Corvette can one get a true American Sportscar, with engine to match and performance to match the european competition?

dont know....hope its a Cadillac!

03-28-17, 04:31 PM
Wi hope we get a rear mid engine corvette with a starting price about 5 grand more than the current model. That would fun. That would still be serviced at Chevy dealer and I'm hoping for a 500 hp naturally aspirated ohv motor to keep it reasonably priced

i don't want to spend. Six figures on a car. Any car.