View Full Version : 30 factory rebate on Race Ramps Flattoppers thru 31-Mar-2017

01-21-17, 03:06 PM
Orders for RR-FS-10, RR-FS, or RR-FS-16-SC Flatstoppers placed between 16-Jan-2017 and 31-Mar-2017 qualify for a $30 cash back factory rebate. One redemption per household is permitted during the promotion period. The Flatstopper ramps are available in 10", 14", and 16" widths. The 16" wide ramps hare a few inches longer than the other two models. The extra length decreases the incline angle making it easier to drive onto the ramps.

Flatstoppers for Long Term Car Storage, RR-FS, RR-FS-10 (https://www.reverselogic.us/long-term-car-storage.html)


03-17-17, 10:16 AM
Only two weeks left to place an order for Race Ramps Flatstoppers that qualifies for the $30 cash back factory rebate! All three sizes, 10", 14" and 16" wide Flatstoppers are eligible for the rebate.