View Full Version : Just Discovered: Super Rare Twin Turbo Article From 1988!

07-30-02, 04:47 PM
Hi, I thought everyone would be interested in this article from a now-discontinued UK car magazine called "Fast Lane" The article shows a European perspective of one of the rarest and fastest US musclecars ever. I have a feeling that it's unlikely that any US Callaway or Corvette enthusiasts may have seen this magazine article.

Please be patient the filesizes may be a little large (80-95k per page) but I wanted the text to be legible.

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I just found the magazine, which I bought 12 years ago, in the attic so apologies for the condition of the copy which is a bit dog-eared. I've also found another copy of the same magazine from November 1988 which compares the Callaway to other modified European exotics: Lister Jaguar XJ-S, Ruf Porsche Turbo, and Lotec Mercedes 300CE.

The magazine managed a top speed of 193 mph from the 390 hp Corvette in that test, which knocks the socks off the European cars (!!!)

As soon as I get a chance to scan this it will be posted! ENJOY THE READ!!!

Regards, Malc350, owner of 1990 black on black 6 speed Callaway Twin Turbo, see www.mm-2000.co.uk/corvette

07-31-02, 10:45 AM
It was a tough read because it was kind of small and blurry but I still read every word!!! :eek

Those guys don't pull any punches about the really bad American cars of the 70's and early 80's do they? How do they really feel? :L

It's interesting to get a viewpoint from another country. I had to laugh when they said, "It is a pity that the Corvette is not metal bodied". :confused

Thanks for sharing! Cheers!!!

07-31-02, 04:38 PM
I guess it hurts when their precious delicate piece of temperamental expensive European exotica is beaten by a plastic sports car wearing a Chevrolet badge!

I guess if anyone else had made a car in the 80's that had a top end of over 190 mph everyone would have known all about it. That's what makes cars under-appreciated and misunderstood American cars like the Corvette such a bargain to enthusiasts like me!

I'm on my third Corvette and I think it's the best overall sports car money can buy, taking all factors of ownership and enjoyment into account. It really is a breath of fresh air over here as well as owning a Vette makes me feel more of an individual than all the lemmings that drive euro cars. I see Porsches every day, Ferraris every other day but I almost never see another Corvette on the road. And as for the exclusivity of a Callaway....

P.S. I've just made the pages larger and re-uploaded them. They also now open in a new frame to make them a bit easier to read. Hope that helps.