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06-14-16, 05:02 PM
Who has done it with a new Z06? I did it with my '12 ZR1 and am thinking about getting a new C7, but only if I can build the engine, wondering what it was like to compare to my previous one. Thanks.

Hib Halverson
06-15-16, 12:06 AM
I ordered my 12 Z06 with RPO PBC and had a great time back in Wixom doing the motor for it.

Additionaly, I occasionaly email with Rob Nichols the Engineering Supervisor at the old PBC in Wixom and the new one at B.G. My understand is the Engine Build Experience at the Bowling Green Plant is very much like what it was in Wixom.

Some of the same people who worked at the Wixom facility moved to B.G. for the new PBC.

I'm sure you'll enjoy building your LT4 just as much as you did doing your LS9.

06-15-16, 08:47 AM
Thanks, I had been communicating with Don Henley, but left the CF and was wondering who was still around from Wixom. Think I will check in with my Chevy contacts and do some more research on it.

Bill H
10-15-16, 05:00 PM
I built my LT4 last December and had a great time. I took my dad and best friend. My dad and I had built my past 3 C2 vets so I had to do it with my first new vet. They treated us like rock stars. Would suggest to anyone who wants a thrill. They took lots of pictures which were sent to us later. Takes about 8 hours but starts at 6 am. then a tour of the plant.
I also had the book following the build of my car so they incorporated my pics with the book
The museum guys make sure everything goes smooth.

go for it

01-24-17, 03:15 PM
Sign welcoming a person who selected the engine build option
I plant on doing the optional engine build and associated optional plant tour watching the car built and see the engine I assembled being installed. Bill H do you have any photos of the book or could you describe it, this as some very cool documentation to have.

Bill H
01-25-17, 12:39 PM
The photo album is available through the Corvette Museum. It documents your car being built and inserts some of the photos from the engine build. Iits a little expensive but well worth it. (if I could have 2 printed I would have, 1 for Dad one for me) It is a well made Book of your car, lots of pictures. I don't have any pics cause Dad has the book. I worked with Shane Webb from the museum, he would be able to send a better description.
The overall experience was great. I don't like my photo taken but I wish I had posed for some of the pics, you cant redo them.
Do the build, order the book, and enjoy the treatment, its your car and your day

01-25-17, 07:42 PM
RPO PC Engine Buid and PD5 Buyer Tour they cover both the engine build an plant tour watching assembly I believe it includes books from both. I'm really looking forward to the experience when I build the LT4 Engine for my '17 Z06.

03-15-17, 10:28 AM
I built April 25, here's some photos for those curious or interested.

03-20-17, 11:10 AM
I was reserving a hotel and they were in short supply, couldn't understand that until I read the Corvette Bash is happening that week, everyone is coming to witness the birth of my baby!

05-16-17, 03:16 PM
Meeting Plant Manager and arriving to build my car