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11-26-15, 08:51 AM
A man in Florida, in his 80s, calls his son in New York one November day.
The father says to the son, “I hate to tell you, but we’ve got some troubles here in the house. Your mother and I can’t stand each other anymore, and we’re getting a divorce. I’ve had it! I want to live out the rest of my years in peace. I’m telling you now, so you and your sister shouldn’t go into shock later when I move out.”
He hangs up, and the son immediately calls his sister in the Hamptons and tells her the news.
The sister says, “I’ll handle this.”
She calls Florida and says to her father, “Don’t do ANYTHING till we get there! We’ll be there Wednesday night.”
The father agrees, “All right.”
The old man hangs up the phone and hollers to his wife, “Okay it worked, they’re coming for Thanksgiving......Now, what are we going to tell them for Christmas?”


11-26-15, 10:29 AM
Happy Thanksgiving!! :w

11-26-15, 12:00 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!


11-26-15, 01:15 PM
If you are traveling, or will travel home, please drive carefully. We have made our 6 hour/400 mile run already.

We here, in the free world, have lots to be thankful for, and need to remember those things and pray that peace prevail in the world.

11-26-15, 08:02 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to all on the CAC!:beer

11-27-15, 10:35 AM