View Full Version : Calculator for Race Ramps service ramps

11-06-15, 08:34 AM
Take the guess work out of selecting a Race Ramps service ramp model with the Reverse Logic service ramp calculator. Enter just three dimensions from your car and the spreadsheet calculator will trace the path of your car over the shape of ten different ramp models.

The dimensions you need are the wheelbase, overhang distance from the front axle, and the ground clearance under the overhang. Take the overhang dimension at the longest distance from the axle to the front edge of the car in the 14" wide tire path.

You can open the Google Sheet ramp calculator at this page: Race Ramps - Best Prices, Expert Service, Custom Designs (https://www.reverselogic.us/race-ramps.html)

Click on the graph at the top of the page to open the spreadsheet. Enter the three values for your car and in a few seconds all ten graphs will be updated. Scroll down the spreadsheet to find the service ramps that will work with your car. The red line (path of car) needs to remain above the blue line (shape of ramp) the entire length of the ramp in order for the ramp model to work with your car.

For better performance you can download a copy of the spreadsheet to use on your local system.