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09-08-15, 10:02 AM
What do you guys think of the carbon aero parts?

http://www.dpccars.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/730HP-Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-by-GeigerCars-2.jpg (http://www.dpccars.com/blog/730hp-chevrolet-corvette-z06-by-geigercars/)

From the article:
GeigerCars.de has just released its in-house developed Corvette Z06 performance package. The formidable 730 hp and 944 Nm output created by this upgrade unleashes a level of raw performance that makes the GeigerCars.de Z06 unbeatable by supercars costing more than twice as much.

Photos and article - 730HP Chevrolet Corvette Z06 by GeigerCars (http://www.dpccars.com/blog/730hp-chevrolet-corvette-z06-by-geigercars/)


09-09-15, 04:52 PM
Aero additions serve no practical purpose for any driver not wanting 1g cornering at very, very high speeds. In fact, the Z06 spoilers have a real impact on MPG. even a legal speeds, and all that functional aero costs the Z06 about 15 mph at the top end. (the C6Z would nudge 200 mph, and the full aero C7 is somewhere in the mid- upper 180s according to a famous tuner I spoke with in the motor city)

If you like the racer looks, and live where you won't bust them off on driveway slopes, etc, I'd say go for it. A full monty carbon fiber package ($$$$$) for the Z06 is a little over the top for my tastes, but that's just me.