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03-03-15, 09:02 PM
Since 2011 Reverse Logic has been building a custom line up of extended length Race Ramps (http://www.reverselogic.us/race-ramps.html). Here's a recap of the non-standard Race Ramps we offer to solve edge cases not handled by the standard Race Ramps products. Prices shown below include shipping to the Continental USA. Our 10% Store-Wide discount on orders of $200 or more combined with factory rebates significantly reduce the prices shown below.

1) RLL-72-2 Two-Stage Incline Race Ramps. This is our entry level two-stage incline ramp. It has an initial incline of 6.8˚ which transitions to 10.8˚ before reaching the 8" high platform. The ramps are 72" long, 12" wide, and 8" high. $340.

72" Race Ramps (http://www.reverselogic.us/shop.html#!/~/product/category=4689749&id=19734931)

2) RLL-87-2 Two-Stage Incline Race Ramps. This model has the same incline angles as the 72" ramp with a 10" high platform. The ramps are 87" long, 14" wide, and 10" high. Optional trailer ramp adapters can convert the 63" long incline sections into trailer ramps. $450

87" Race Ramps (http://www.reverselogic.us/shop.html#!/~/product/category=4689749&id=19952560)

3) RLL-99-2 Progressive Incline Race Ramps. Similar to the 89" Progressive incline ramps except that the initial incline is 3.5˚. $460

99" Progressive Incline Race Ramps (http://www.reverselogic.us/shop.html#!/~/product/category=4750159&id=20262825)

4) RLL-80-2 Two-stage Incline Race Ramps. This is one of our newest models which features a 9" high cradle top platform and an invertible incline section which can also be used as a trailer ramp without an extra adapter. This ramp is 80" long, 14" wide and 9" high. $420

RLL-80-2 Cradle Top Race Ramps (http://www.reverselogic.us/shop.html#!/~/product/category=4689749&id=19995831)

5) RLL-78-2 Constant Slope Race Ramps. This ramp has the same 10.8˚ incline as the standard 56" and 67" ramps, except it features a 12" high platform for extra wrench room. Available October 2013. This ramp is compatible with the RR-EX-14 XTenders for applications which require a more shallow slope. $430


6) RLL-TM-XL Front Trailer Mate. At 52" long this curved top front trailer mate is 16" longer than the standard Race Ramps trailer mate. The shallow slope easily gets under lowered Corvettes. $250


7) RLL-TR-114-2 Race Ramps Trailer Ramps. This trailer ramp is for cars with as little as 2" of ground clearance. The initial incline is 2.6˚ and sweeps up to 7˚. This two-piece ramp is 114" long, 14" wide and 9" high. $598


8) RLL-TR-105-2 Race Ramps Trailer Ramps. This ramp has the lowest incline of any ramp we offer. Due to it's relatively low height it works best with trailers that have a low deck height. The initial incline is 2.2˚ and sweeps up to 5˚. This two-piece ramp is 105" long, 14" wide and 6.3" high. $578