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American-made Corvette Z06 stands up to the best supercars on the planet

The Pittsburgh Gazette
February 12, 2015 5:00 AM

This Advertorial published in Wheels on Thursday February 12, 2015.

While it was up against names like Lamborghini and Ferrari, the new Corvette Z06 was easily among the most attractive cars at the recent Pittsburgh International Auto Show. Itís also one of the most track capable models in the iconic sports car brandís 62-year history.

The new Z06 offers unprecedented aerodynamic downforce and is the first ĎVette to offer a supercharged engine, an eight speed paddle shift automatic gearbox and a stronger aluminum frame.

Under the hood, the new LT4 6.2-liter engine puts out 650 horses, making the Z06 one of the most powerful production cars in the U.S. The 6.2-liter powerplant uses the same trio of advanced technologies introduced on the Corvette Stingray: direct injection, active fuel management, (or cylinder deactivation) and continuously variable valve timing for better fuel efficiency. But itís still a monster when you want to jump on it.

When equipped with the available Z07 package, you can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds with the eight speed automatic, which can hit shift points faster than any human. Opt for the manual seven-speed, and you might have a little more fun, but your zero to 60 time drops to 3.2 seconds, as if it really matters when you are on the road.

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02-17-15, 01:21 PM
Perhaps Americans will again to realize the value and quality of American products, versus the loudly touted, and fictional, IMO, foreign items. After poor ownership experiences with three widely varied German products (BMW, Grohe, and gmx mail), they're voted off my island and out of my garage.

About five years ago, while driving my much maligned '84 north to the Bay area (modified 'new' engine) I more fully appreciated the superb engineering inside the car. It was a bit low on power (remedied) and the bean-counters had cheapened the materials' quality and numbers (fasteners) but the car performed amazingly while delivering reliability at an unmatched price point. It is an easy conclusion that our engineers were always as good as any, but the production process left room for improvement. Quality US companies are finding that quality sells and is profitable (discerning buyers).
Hopefully customer service will improve, too. :w